Exquisita Tortillas

Broadcast, Digital, OOH
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MARKET SITUATION:  Tortillas are a commodity product much like bread. Exquisita Tortillas sales had remained flat for a few years and needed a boost in the Rio Grande Valley as the market was saturated with competitive brands with little to no differentiation. While competitors had  slightly different flavor profiles, sizes and formulations, the biggest differentiation was the history and longevity of the brand itself.  Exquisita hired us to create a buzz in the market with a campaign that would capture the hearts and minds of consumers in order to increase sales and market share.

SOLUTION:  Create a branding campaign for Exquisita that leverages their history in the market in a fresh and appealing manner to engage loyal customers and the younger millennial market as well.

CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS: Outdoor, Social Media, PR

RESULTS:  The campaign was a huge creative success creative and reversed the flat sales trend by double digits.