Pronto Insurance

Broadcast, OOH
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MARKET SITUATION:  Fred Loya was outspending Pronto 10 to 1 and stealing market share in Texas.  Meanwhile Pronto’s animated mascot, Captain Prontísimo, had overpowered the brand with the previous campaign.

OBJECTIVE:  Steal Fred Loya’s thunder by creating an integrated campaign that would create buzz in the marketplace and position Pronto as a trusted non-standard insurance provider while giving Captain Prontísimo a more strategic role in the advertising.

SOLUTION:  Use HUMOR to create a memorable integrated campaign including Radio, TV and OUTDOOR  that leverages Pronto’s key attributes of speed, flexibility, price and trust.   We would do this by capitalizing on the equity of Captain Prontísimo, leveraging his Super Hero attributes to reflect the values of the brand while downplaying his role in the ads.

CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS:  TV, Radio, Outdoor, Flyers, Door Hangars

RESULT:  Increased revenue by over 100%.