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Welcome to Machete, the one-stop full service shop for all your General and Hispanic Market needs. The question we’re most often asked, why did we call the agency Machete? After over 20 years of working on national brands at other agencies, we wanted to create a no frills shop that avoided the hype and just got the job done. There’s nothing glamorous about what we do. It’s a job. We’re just a tool to help brands achieve their goals. And that’s exactly what a Machete is. It’s a tool. It’s versatile, has no moving parts so its dependable, and requires little to no maintenance. It is also hand held, requires a certain amount of skill to handle and can be a lot
of fun to use.

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At Machete we love working with brands that are flying under the radar and taking them mainstream. We pride ourselves on finding/creating a brands voice and making them famous. Our work for Pronto Insurance, Stars Drive-ins and Exquisita Tortillas are just a few examples of our signature creative style.

So if your marketing program is in a rut, give us a call. We’d love to help you create a campaign you can be proud of and more importantly, get’s results.

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Headquartered in San Antonio, TX our professional services include strategy and concept development, creative production as well as traditional, digital and social media buying.


We will admit, we are not the right agency for everyone. But if you like our work chances are you’ll like us too.
Broadcast, Digital
Pronto Insurance
Broadcast, OOH
Exquisita Tortillas
Broadcast, Digital, OOH
South Padre Island, Tx
Branding, Broadcast, Digital, Print


Thanks to these fine folks for trusting us with their money and allowing us to do what we
love most.

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Did you drink the Kool Aid? Give us a call!  We’d love to hear about your current situation and see how we can help.  Call us for a chemistry check and a free consultation of your current marketing efforts.

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